Custom Rifle Builds

Custom rifle builds are more than just a rifle assembled, it should be custom tailored to answer the individuals shooting needs. At Chou Brothers Precision, we don't build off-the-shelf rifles or carry limited selection of brands you must choose from. Rather, we personalize the rifle and directly address your requirements.

We work closely with our clients and listen to their unique shooting requirements. We use our experience, success and expertise to best recommend the components for the best build, suiting the client individually.
Due to the variety of shooting disciplines, the specific application must first be addressed.

We believe not only will we build you the best custom rifle, but more importantly, the best custom rifle that integrates you and harmonizes your shooting needs.

Championship Match Barrel Chambering

A strong foundation is the key to success and is no different when it comes to chambering a barrel.

Our lathe is the heaviest in its class, made of 1 piece cast Meehanite and weighting 3000lbs, it provides rock solid rigidity and ensures the cuts and finishes are clean and chatter-free. Utilizing a 3-phase motor, it provides the smoothest cut without vibrations and gives high torque even at slow speeds.

Even with a quality lathe, tolerances cannot be accomplished without proper setup. It is critical the lathe is perfectly calibrated before any work is started, and it must be continuously calibrated on a regular on-going monthly basis. We first level the lathe bed at 4 points for parallelism/twist with a highly sensitive level capable of resolving .0005 inch over 10 inches.

Once the lathe bed is dead level, we proceed to dial the spindle rotation axis running parallel to the lathe bed. By using a hardened ground mandrel, we dial the spindle rotational axis spinning concentric at 2 points to within .0001 inch. We then run a dial test indicator on the hardened ground mandrel along the lathe bed and adjust the spindle axis running and spinning parallel to the lathe bed within .0001 inch.

Finally, we calibrate our tailstock alignment for center-line thrust between centers. The tailstock is dial indicated for concentricity and adjusted concentric to the spindle axis within .0001 inch. A torque wrench is always used to ensure repeatability when clamping and tightening the tailstock. Otherwise, centerline thrust of the tailstock is never achieved.

Only after all these requirements are met does the chambering process begin.

With every barrel blank we first measure closely, visually inspect with a borescope and cast a lead slug to physically feel for any inconsistency throughout the entire length of the barrel. This ensures the barrels are true inside as intended. If the barrel does not pass inspection, it is rejected and should be sent back to the retailer/manufacturer for a replacement. If the barrel passes inspection then it’s ready to be machined.

The bore is dialed-in running true concentrically to .0001/inch at 2 points only at the side being worked on (because the bore of barrel usually has a curvature). We hold extremely accurate tolerances and take very light cuts throughout the entire operation so the barrel is never deflected out of run. The barrel is dial-indicated and checked running true on multiple occasions throughout the entire process to ensure perfection from start to finish.


The result is a barrel chambered worthy of a championship.

Service after the sale

Our service does not end when your rifle is complete; it only begins there and makes you part of the brotherhood. You can be sure we’re here to assist in anyway, answer any questions you may have, help you achieve your goals or make you competitive as soon as possible. Your success and satisfaction is our priority.

We in no way claim our advice are gospel or we know-it-all however, we try to help by sharing our experience and success. Please don’t hesitate to ask.


Attention to every detail for the highest accuracy, ZERO COMPROMISE