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Ultralight hunting rifle build. Stiller TAC338 action, Manners carbon fiber stock, Timney Calvin Elite trigger, Proof research barrel in .338 Lapua

posted Jul 8, 2016, 6:15 AM by chou brothers   [ updated Jan 3, 2017, 1:52 AM ]
Purpose built lightweight hunting rifle with ultralight components.

Raw components, Stiller TAC338 Action, Manners Carbon fiber stock, Timney Calvin Elite trigger (not pictured), Proof research carbon fiber wrapped barrel, Titanium radial brake.

Stiller TAC338 action utilizes centerfeed box mag. Relief must be made on the rear of box mag to retrofit into Remington BDL hardware.

Proof research carbon wrapped barrel with Bartlein barrel core.

Bore of breech dialed-in perfectly concentric to the bore axis within .0001 at 2 point. Direct reading.

Machining tenon.

Action is fitted to barrel, timed to the curvature of course.

Tenon fully machined, metal-free anti-seize on threads.

Dialing-in the muzzle.

Titanium muzzlebrake installed, metal work complete.

Stock cerakoted in 3 colour GAP camo.

Metal portion of barrel cerakoted in Armor Black.

Bottom hardware is bedded to the stock, full contact without compression, zero lateral movement, no slop or bind, perfectly level. Provides perfect foundation for bedding.

Pillars installed. Stock roughed and degreased, ready to accept epoxy.

Marriage of barreled action to stock.

Initial separation, off to the mill for clean-up, clearance and relief cuts.

Stock fully cleaned. Perfect stress free bedding.

Relief cut for Timney trigger, ensures bind-free fit.

Rifle complete.

Stiller TAC338 Action.
Manners Carbon fiber stock.
Timney Calvin Elite trigger.
Proof research carbon fiber wrapped barrel with Bartlein .338 5R barrel core.
Titanium radial brake.

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