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Tactical .308, Defiance Rebel long action, McMillan Stock, Bartlein Barrel Cerakoted Coyote Tan/Patriot Brown

posted Oct 16, 2014, 4:57 AM by chou brothers   [ updated Oct 16, 2014, 5:22 AM ]
A purpose built, short, lightweight rifle chambered specifically for the Federal 175SMK gold medal match.

Raw components, Defiance Rebel long action, McMillan stock in multicam, Bartlein .30cal 1-8 twist barrel, Badger M24 bottom metal and FTE brake, Timney trigger.

Headspace set.

Parts freshly cerakoted in Coyote Tan and Patriot Brown.

Trial fitting of barreled action to stock, ejection port extended, all clearances checked, ready for bedding.

Stock's existing inlet was missing structural support between the bottom metal and trigger inlet. A strut will be made using epoxy reinforcing rigidity, maximizing accuracy.

Stock is roughed, degreased, ready for bedding compound.

Epoxy is applied.

Initial separation, perfect stress-free bedding, off to the mill for cleanup.

Note the epoxy strut, reinforcing and increasing the stocks rigidity. Proper reliefs made, all clearances checked.

DBM is bedded to the stock, full contact without compression, zero lateral movement, no slop or bind, perfectly level.

Clearances made for Timney Trigger's wide housing, cold bluing is applied.

Rifle Complete.

Defiance Rebel long action Cerakoted in Coyote Tan/Patriot Brown.
McMillan multicam stock.
Bartlein 30cal 1-8 twist 5R 18" finished barrel Cerakoted Coyote Tan.
Badger M24 DBM and FTE brake.
Timney trigger.