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Tactical .308, Badger M2013 McMillan Stock Cerakoted Armor Black/Mil-Spec OD Green

posted Feb 15, 2014, 6:58 PM by chou brothers
A purpose built tactical rifle chambered for .308, specifically for the Sierra 175 SMK from box mag length. Short and light barrel profile is well suited for the intended purpose.

Beautifully machined tenon

Action trail fit, clocked and timed to the curvature of the bore of course.

Chambering with only the best cutting fluid, provides superior surface finish.

Cutting a very slight chamfer, chamber is fully supported but just enough for smooth feeding.

Reaching in to dial the bore true, concentrically to less than .0001 thou of a inch. At 2 points of course.

Machining the crown.

Perfect 11 degree accuracy crown, metal work complete.

installation of Badger M5 DBM, inletting pattern is marked.

Determining areas where relief is required.

Minor relief.

Perfect fit. Bottom metal set at optimal height to ensure flawless feeding.

Milling relief for the bolt.

Rifle is checked for flawless feeding from box magazine.

Preparing to bed the DBM, bottom metal inlet is roughed.

Epoxy is mixed and applied.

DBM is bedded perfectly to the stock, ensures optimal height without compression, zero lateral movement, and provides the foundation for a perfect stress free bedding.

Parts blasted, gassed out, ready for Cerakote application.

Parts fully Cerakoted.

The best Cerakote crown application, crisp right to the edge with ZERO residue on the bore. Perfection!

Preparing stock relief for bedding, action height is maintained.

Stock is roughed and degreased, ready for bedding.

Epoxy is applied.

Cleaning up bedding, making relief/clearance cuts.

Action is reassembled, Jewell trigger is installed.

Trigger clearance milled.

Perfect Stress free bedding, all proper reliefs and clearance made.

DBM bedding fully retained.

Perfect fit.

Rifle complete.

Badger M2013 action Cerakote Armor Black
Bartlein .30 cal 1-10 5R 20" finished barrel Cerakote Armor Black
McMillan Stock
Badger M5 DBM
Jewell Trigger