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Short range Benchrest rifle in 30BR, Stiller Predator V with McMillan EDGE benchrest stock

posted Mar 1, 2014, 11:17 AM by chou brothers
A purpose build short range Benchrest score shooting rifle. 30BR has a proven winning track record for score shooting competition, inherent accuracy and ease of tuning

30BR Robinett reamer. Founding father of the 30BR's specs.

Fitting the action. Headspace set, breech end complete.

11 degree accuracy crown.

Barreled action, McMillan EDGE Benchrest stock and 30BR dummy round.

Reliefs made, surfaces are roughed and degreased, ready for bedding.

Epoxy is applied.

Perfect stress-free bedding, all proper relief and clearance made.

Rifle complete, ready to win matches.

Stiller Predator V action
Broughton .30cal 1-14 24" finished barrel
McMillan EDGE Benchrest stock
Jewell BR trigger