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Remington M24 Clone build in .308 Win.

posted Jun 18, 2014, 7:19 PM by chou brothers
A authentic M24 Clone build, a fine tribute to the original M24.

Raw Components, US M24 Rem 700 LA, HS precision stock, Dakota bottom metal, Rock Creek barrel .30cal 5R 1-11.25 twist M24 Contour 28" finished, Redfield front and rear sights.

Fitting the action to the barrel.

M24 style recessed crown.

Re-tapping existing scope base holes from 6-48 to 8-40, tap guide ensures holes are perpendicular.

Indexing rear sight screw holes, centerdrilled.

Rear sight screw holes drilled, using the best cutting fluid of course.

Rear sight screw holes tapped.

Rear sight base trial fit, perfectly perpendicularly aligned with scope base.

Front base installed, top dead center of course.

Parts fully prep and gasses out, ready for Cerakote application.

Parts freshly Cerakoted in Armor Black.

Close up of action freshly Cerakoted.

Rifle Complete.

Remington 700 M24 LA Cerakoted in Armor Black
Rock Creek .30cal 5R 1-11.25 M24 Contour Cerakoted in Armor Black
HS Precision Stock
Dakota Bottom Metal Cerakoted in Armor Black
Redfield M24 front and rear sight
Remington Trigger