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PRS rifle build. Surgeon action, MPA BA competition Chassis, Jewell HVR trigger, APA brake, Bartlein Barrel in 6x47 Lapua

posted Jan 2, 2017, 6:01 PM by chou brothers   [ updated Jan 3, 2017, 1:35 AM ]
Purpose built PRS competition rifle. Light recoiling, balanced, made for improvised positional shooting.

Raw components, Surgeon 591 short action, Masterpiece arms (MPA) BA competition chassis, Jewell HVR trigger, American precision Arms (APA) Gen 2 Little Bastard Brake, Bartlein 6mm 1-7.5 twist 5R Medium Palma 26" finished barrel

MPA BA competition Chassis in sniper green.

Machining tenon.

Machining threads.

Fitting the action.

Tenon fully machined, immaculate surface finish. Perfectly square and true to bore axis.

Machining the muzzle.

Fitting APA brake.

Note the radius of the bolt release protrusion on the action receiver body.

This specific action's radius happens to contact this specific chassis's action cutout, preventing even seating of barreled action. Non-drying ink verifies unwanted contact.
Radial relief must be made to the chassis for proper stress-free seating of barreled action. Even though the chassis was specifically machined for a Surgeon 591action, no two machined parts are machined equal due to normal working tolerances of both manufacturer.  We verify, remedy, and ensure proper fit of parts without bind or stress when building a rifle. Nothing is overlooked!

Barreled action Cerakoted in Armor Black. Action is prepped, sealed with putty, release agent applied, ready for bedding.

Marriage of barreled action to stock.

Initial separation, off to the mill for clean-up, clearance and relief cuts.

Chassis fully cleaned. All proper clearance cuts and reliefs made.

Rifle complete, perfectly balanced.

Surgeon 591 Short action Cerakoted in Armor Black
Masterpiece Arms MPA BA Competition Chassis in Sniper Green
Jewell HVR Trigger
American Precision Arms (APA) Gen 2 little bastard Brake
Bartlein 6mm 1-7.5 twist 5R Medium Palma 26" finished barrel Cerakoted in Armor Black
Harris Bipod