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Precision rifle build, BAT tactical short action, AICS AX 2014 OD green chassis, CG Trigger, Bartlein Barrel in 6.5x47 Lapua

posted Feb 7, 2016, 4:17 PM by chou brothers   [ updated Feb 18, 2016, 10:36 AM ]
Precision rifle build, perfectly balanced and intuitive. Top quality components for peak accuracy.

Simply the best! Raw components, BAT tactical short action, AICS AX 2014 OD green chassis, Bartlein 6.5mm 1-8 twist 5R Medium Palma 26" overall finished barrel, CG trigger and "Muzzle brakes and more" flush fitting brake.

Rough machining.

Taking measurement.

Barrel dialed-in perfectly concentric to the bore axis withing .0001 at 2 point. Direct reading.

Finish machining tenon to diameter.

Threading tenon.

Tenon fully machined, impeccable surface finish, like fine jewellery.

Verifying concentricity, ensuring bore is dialed-in from start to finish between every step.

Finish reaming.

Headspace verified, off to the muzzle end.

Machining crown.

11 degrees accuracy crown.

Muzzle tenon fully machined.

Boring muzzlebrake to optimal efficiency diameter.

Muzzle brake profiled flush. Metal work complete, off to Cerakoting.

Fresh from the oven, barrel cerakoted in Mil-Spec OD green.

Barreled action prepped, release agent applied, putty seals area of unwanted bedding.

Chassis is roughed and degreased. Feed height is previously verified and retained for flawless feeding.

Epoxy is applied.

Marriage of barreled action to chassis.

Initial separation, flawless perfect stress-free bedding.

Milling clean-up and clearance cuts.

Chassis fully cleaned. All proper reliefs made and all clearances checked.

Rifle complete.

BAT Tactical short action.
AICS AX 2014 Chassis in OD green
Bartlein Barrel 6.5mm 1-8 twist 5R Medium Palma 26" finished overall, Cerakoted in Mil-Spec OD green
"Muzzle brakes and more" 4 port muzzlebrake
CG Trigger