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Long range rifle build in 7LRM. Pierce Long action, McMillan A-TH stock, Broughton barrel and JEC brake Cerakoted in Armor black.

posted Jan 18, 2015, 12:15 AM by chou brothers   [ updated Jan 18, 2015, 12:19 AM ]
A long range rifle chambered in 7LRM.

Pierce factory recoil lug with minor tooling marks, off to the surface grinder.

Surface ground.

Machining tenon.

Beautifully machined tenon/breech, little metal free anti-seize on threads.

Reaming chamber, using the best cutting fluid of course.

Setting headspace.

Machining tenon to accept JEC muzzlebrake.

Brake timed to barrels top dead center.

Boring brake's diameter to accept 7mm, true and concentric to the bore.

Profiled brake flush to match barrel contour, seamless transition.

Profiling thread protector to match barrel contour.

Machining crown.

11 degree crown. Perfectly square and true to bore.

Freshly Cerakoted Armor black, still hot from the oven.

McMillan A-TH stock.

Newer McMillan's stock have been inletted without structural support between bottom metal and trigger inlet. A strut will be made using epoxy, reinforcing rigidity and maximizing accuracy.

Stock is roughed, degreased, ready for bedding compound.

Epoxy is applied.

Barreled action and DBM is bedded and mated to the stock.

Initial separation, flawless perfect stress-free bedding, off to the mill for cleanup.

Milling proper reliefs.

Excess epoxy removed.

Finished epoxy strut, maximizing rifle's accuracy potential.

Final fitting and check of all parts, ensuring clearance where needed. Zero bind, zero stress, repeatable shot to shot harmonics provides peak accuracy.

Non-drying paint indicating contact/bind area.

DBM relieved and checked again. Cold blue applied.

Relief for bolt release screw.

Rifle complete.

Pierce engineering long action
McMillan A-TH stock
Broughton 7mm 1-9 twist 5C factory fluted barrel Cerakoted Armor Black
JEC Muzzlebrake Cerakoted Armor Black
Timney Trigger