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F-Class Open rifle, Barnard P Action GRS Laminate F-Open stock in .284 Win

posted Jan 6, 2014, 5:06 PM by chou brothers   [ updated Jan 6, 2014, 5:25 PM ]
A purpose built F-Open rifle, ready for V-Bulls all day long.

Top quality hardware, no limiting factor here. Barnard action and Krieger barrel courtesy of Hirsch Precision

Tape on palm swell indexes clients palm, a trace of client's hand and desired trigger position is also requested. This information will later be used to properly determine the trigger position for the specific client. This ensure proper trigger pull with no lateral induced force.

GRS stock blank.

Cutting the barrel tenon.

Beautifully machined threads.

As with all our chamberings, barrel is timed to action. Please view previous Defiance tubegun post for more information.

Breech machined, beautiful surface finish.

11 degree accuracy crown. Metal work complete.

Trigger position is determined, action screw holes are drilled to inlet datum.

Action channel is inletted to proper diameter. Trigger cutout is made to determine proper trigger protrusion.

Trial fit. Note the stock line is higher than centerline of action, relief is required otherwise a mechanical lock will result after bedding for a round action.

Milling the trigger guard cutout.

Trial fit.

Recoil lug relief made, pillars individually measured and machined. Stock inlet 90% complete, all that's left is bolt handle recess, ejection port cutout and action gas vent hole relief.

Milling the ejection port and bolt handle recess.

Getting ready for bedding, epoxy is mixed.

Release agent applied, putty seals areas of unwanted bedding.

Epoxy is applied.

A cheekpiece offset is requested. While stock bedding is being cured, Cheekpiece will be milled and hardware will be shifted to the desired offset.

Initial separation, off to the milling machine.

Countersinks machined and mates perfectly with action screws.

Perfect stress-free bedding, all proper reliefs made, stock has been resealed.

Cheekpiece offset complete.

Rifle complete

Barnard P action with trigger
GRS F-Class Open stock
Krieger 7mm 4 Groove 1-9 Heavy Varmint barrel