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F-Class Competition F-TR build. Kelbly Stolle Panda action, Master Class Prone stock, Bartlein Barrel in .308Win

posted Nov 29, 2014, 7:56 PM by chou brothers   [ updated Nov 30, 2014, 6:19 AM ]
Purpose built rifle for F-Class F-TR competition. No holds barred components with only peak accuracy in mind.

Raw components, Kelbly Stolle Panda F-Class action, Master Class Prone stock, Bartlein .30cal 1-12twist 5R 32" Heavy Palma barrel, Jewell Trigger. Gene Bukys TSI Tuner (not shown in picture).

Close-up of Kelbly Stolle Panda F-Class action.

Beautifully machined tenon.

Action is fitted and timed to the curvature of the barrel. Provides maximum adjustments of elevation on scope, balanced  windage adjustment travel for optimal optical centering, and ensures the best harmonics for the barrel.

Headspace set, chamber complete.

11 degree accuracy crown, perfectly square to the bore.

Bukys TSI Tuner installed, metalwork complete.

Trigger position is marked specific to the client, ensures straight pull minimizing lateral movement.

Trigger position transferred, locating action screw position for datum.

Centerline of stock located with edge finder.

Action screw holes are drilled to inlet datum.

Barrel channel inletted to accommodate various barrel profile variety.

Rough Inletting action cutout.

Trigger cutout inletted.

recoil lug recess inletted.

Action profile fully inletted, trial fitting action.

Rough milling bolt handle release and ejection port.

Holes milled, ready to accept pillars.

Stock-line milled flush and perfectly level with action's rear tang.

Extending original Anschutz rail cutout to accommodate full length Anschutz rail.

Trigger guard inletted.

Hand-profiling bolt handle release and ejection port recess.

Smooth-flowing perfect lines.

Hand-profiling bolt handle recess.

Stock received from client's personal professional automotive painter, beautiful grand piano gloss black.

Stock is roughed and degreased, ready for bedding.

Perfect stress-free bedding, all proper reliefs and clearance made.

Rifle Complete.

Kelbly Stolle Panda F-Class action
Bartlein .30 cal 1-12 twist 5R 32" finished Heavy Palma barrel
Gene Bukys TSI Tuner
Masterclass Prone stock
Jewell trigger
Duplin bipod