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F-Class competition F-TR build. Barnard S action, McMillan F-Class stock, Timney tactical trigger, Krieger barrel in .308 Win.

posted Apr 13, 2016, 11:54 AM by chou brothers   [ updated Apr 13, 2016, 12:12 PM ]
A winning combination of component for a purposed built F-Class competition rifle. Peak accuracy, ready to win matches.

Raw components, Barnard S action, McMillan F-Class stock, EGW recoil lug, Krieger 30 cal 1-11 twist Light Varmint 32" finished barrel, Timney Tactical trigger (not pictured). Components courtesy of our good friends at Hirsch Precision.

Barrel is visually inspected, measured and slugged to verify uniformity.

Bore of breech dialed-in perfectly concentric to the bore axis within .0001 at 2 point. Direct reading.

Rough machining barrel tenon.

Finishing pass.

Tenon machined to diameter and length, recoil lug fitted to appropriate diameter.

Bore is verified running true and concentric between machining steps.

Machining threads.

Tenon threaded.

Bore indicated for highest point of curvature.

Action is fitted and timed to the curvature of the barrel. Note the red marking at the 12 o'clock position on the 4-jaw chuck, it indicate the highest point of barrel curvature when rotated concentrically previously measured on the bore of the muzzle. As with all chambering we do, the action is timed so the curvature of the bore points to the 12 o'clock position to maximize the elevation adjustment on the scope, balanced windage adjustment travel for optimal optical centering and provide the best barrel harmonics.

Machining the breech.

Tenon fully machined, unparalleled surface finish.

Bore is verified running true and concentric again.


Chamber is throated, optimized for desired bullet choice.

Chamber complete. Impeccable, like fine jewellery.

Bore of muzzle dialed-in perfectly concentric to the bore axis within .0001 at 2 point.

Machining crown.

11 degree accuracy crown, perfectly concentric and square to the bore. Metal work complete.

McMillan stock, time to install pillars.

Pillar cavity milled.

Trigger guard is unable to fit in Mcmillan's existing inlet, escutcheon radius is blocking trigger inlet recess.

Escutcheon radius milled.

Trial fit of trigger guard. Trigger guard sits proud of existing trigger inlet recess.

Trigger guard inlet recess is milled to appropriate depth, nice and flush.

Custom machining pillars to height.

Pillar cavities roughed.

Stock and trigger guard inlet recess is roughed and degreased.

Epoxy applied.

Bedding trigger guard for perfect even contact.

Barreled action prepped, release agent applied, putty seals area of unwanted bedding.

Epoxy applied.

Marriage of barreled action to stock.

Initial separation, flawless stress-free bedding. Perfection.

Clean-up, relief and clearance cuts milled/drilled.

Anschutz rail sits proud of stock contour from Mcmillan, not good for front rest tracking (if the rifle ever use for testing or switch caliber). Will inlet flush.

Anschutz rail inlet recess is milled appropriate depth, perfectly flush.

Anschutz rail's screw protrusions milled to ensure barrel free-float.

Anschutz rail and inlet recess is roughed and degreased.

Anschutz rail is glued and screwed for maximum rigidity, ensures solid flex-free foundation for bipod.

Perfectly flush, ensures smooth uninterrupted front rest tracking.

Rifle complete.

Barnard S action.
McMillan F-Class stock
EGW recoil lug
Krieger 30 cal. 1-11 twist Light Varmint 32" finished barrel
Timney Tactical trigger.

Please visit our good friends at Hirsch Precision for all your Precision rifle needs.