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F-Class competition F-Open build. BAT MB action, McMillan F-Class stock, Jewell Trigger, Bartlein barrel in .284 Win.

posted May 16, 2017, 10:06 PM by chou brothers   [ updated May 16, 2017, 10:16 PM ]
Simply the best! All out F-Open build. Peak accuracy, ready to win matches.

Raw components, BAT Machine MB action and trigger guard, McMillan F-Class stock, Jewell Trigger, Tubb adjustable butt, Bartlein 7mm 1-8 twist 5R Heavy Varmint 1" at muzzle 32" finished barrel.

BAT machine MB action. Close up of perfection in all it's glory.

Machining tenon.

Tenon is threaded, immaculate surface finish.

Action fitted, clocked to the barrel curvature of course.

Tenon fully machined and chambered. Perfectly concentric and square to the bore axis within .0001, verified after every major machining sequence.

Machining crown.

11 degree accuracy crown. Metal work complete.

Milling to specified length of pull.

Setting adjustable butt bracket.

Stock contour transferred.

Rough grinding bracket.

Hand filing bracket to fit.

Sanding bracket for seamless fit.

Adjustable butt hardware seamlessly blended with stock.

Stock basic inlet was for BAT B. Inlet must be elongated to accommodate MB.

Milling recoil lug recess.

Trial fitting action.

Milling trigger inlet.

Pillar cavity milled.

Epoxy is applied, pillar installed.

Trigger guard inlet recess milled.

Bolt release recess milled.

Ejection port cutout milled, perfectly blended to ejection port.

Bolt handle recess complete.

Marriage of barreled action to stock.

Initial separation, flawless stress-free bedding. Perfection.

Stock fully cleaned. All proper reliefs made and clearances checked.

Rifle complete.

BAT Machine MB action
BAT Machine trigger guard
McMillan F-Class stock
Jewell Trigger
Tubb adjustable butt
Bartlein 7mm 1-8 twist 5R Heavy Varmint 1" at muzzle 32" finished barrel.

Thank you to all our viewers for your continued interest.