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Cerakote, DBM install and Pillar Bedding on Stiller TAC30 with McMillan stock in 6.5x47

posted Sep 18, 2014, 3:59 PM by chou brothers
McMillan stock was only inletted for Remington hardware and Sendero barrel profile, stock need to be reworked to accommodate pillar bedding of new barreled action/contour. DBM also required installation.

Raw Components, McMillan Stock, Stiller TAC30 barreled action, Timney Trigger, PTG Stealth DBM. DBM was mocked and trial tested to ensure reliable feeding prior to installation.

Inletting DBM Profile.

Trial fitting. Still required more relief, off to hand fitting.

Hand fitting DBM's fine lines with various files.

Freshly Cerakoted in Sniper Grey, nice subtle tinge of blue.

Milling additional grooves in the supplied pillars. Ensures good adhesion with epoxy.

Milling out stock for pillar installation.

Applying epoxy to bed DBM and install pillars.

Pillars being glued-in, note the grooves in pillars previously made ensuring good adhesion.

Initial separation of bedded DBM, perfect crisp lines with zero movement. Also provides a solid foundation for a perfect stress-free bedding.

Relieving stock to accommodate new barreled action profile/contour.

Trial fitting barreled action.

Opening barrel channel, tapered lines to follow barrel contour.

Stock roughed, degreased, putty seals area of unwanted bedding. Ready for epoxy.

Barreled action prepped, release agent applied, putty seals area of unwanted bedding.

Epoxy applied.

Bedding barreled action to stock.

Initial separation. Perfect stress-free bedding.

Milling reliefs.

Drilling out action screw holes, ensure bind-free fit.

As with all rifles we build, nothing is overlooked. We final fit and check all parts ensuring clearance where needed. Due to wide assortment of parts and manufacturers differences, parts always require fitting to ensure peak accuracy.
Applying non-drying paint to visually indicate contact.

Paint was transferred on the DBM, shows area of binding.

Relief cut made.

Non-drying paint applied again, verifying if relief cut is sufficient.

Trigger pin clears but now indicate trigger plate contacts, more relief is required.

Relief cuts made to accommodate trigger plate, ensures perfect bind-free fit and maximum accuracy. Cold bluing application will follow.

Touching up stock.

View of DBM installation. No slop, zero bind, perfectly level with full contact, perfect clean crisp lines.

Nice Cerakote colour combination, Sniper Grey with black accents. Slick.

Rifle complete.