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Blueprinted/Trued Remington 700 MDT TAC21 Chassis in 260AI

posted Nov 24, 2013, 1:46 PM by chou brothers   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 3:08 PM ]
Blueprinting/Truing Remington 700 Action by single point cutting.

Factory Remington 700, note the huge deformity on the face of the action, can't expect too much from factory productions.

2 hardened ground bushings of appropriate diameter are placed inside the action, a hardened ground mandrel is placed through the bushings to indicate concentricity of true centerline axis.

Action is aligned to true centerline axis, concentrically to .0001 of an inch .

Dykem layout blue is applied to the action, cuts will later show silver.
Single point cutting the internal threads to true centerline axis.

Threads partially cut, newly cut silver surfaces are true to centerline axis.
Threads fully cut running true to centerline axis.

Single point cutting the lug seat/abutment, bottom lug is only partially cut.
Lug seat/abutment fully cut true and square to centerline axis

Single point cutting the face. Face is partially cut.

Face is cut true and square to centerline axis, beautiful single point machined surfaces.

Factory bolt.
Dial indicator reaching in.
Bolt body is dialed concentrically at 2 points.

Bolt lugs cut true and square to centerline axis.

Cutting the bolt nose.

Bolt face cut true and square.

Bolt fully cut true and square.

Bolt lugs beautifully machined true and square.

Lapping compound applied, bolt is only lapped in very minimally.

Factory recoil lug. Not parallel or flat at all, off to the surface grinder.

Recoil lug surface ground perfectly flat on both sides. Inside diameter is bored true and square to accommodate new major diameter of action.

Barrel tenon and breech fully machined. Beautifully machined surface finishes, like fine jewellery.

Blueprinting/Truing and chambering complete. Off to the MDT TAC21 Chassis.

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