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AI AX Surgeon 591 in 300 WSM, Cerakoted in OD green

posted May 8, 2014, 7:27 PM by chou brothers
A magfed rifle chambered in 300 WSM, specifically built for tactical/precision competitions.

Raw components, AI AX short action chassis in OD green. Surgeon 591 short action, Broughton .30cal 5C 1-10 twist barrel, Timney trigger and GGW muzzlebrake.

Beautifully machined threads.

Action is clock and timed to the bore of the barrel.

Checking headspace.

Grizzly brake installed.

Parts freshly cerakoted in OD green.

Putty seals area of unwanted bedding, release agent applied.

Bedding barreled action to chassis. Concentrically centered using custom made bushings.

Perfectly Cerakoted in OD green finish.

Rifle complete.

AI AX short action chassis in OD green
Surgeon 591 short action Cerakoted in OD green
Broughton .30 cal 5C 1-10 twist barrel 24" finished length, Cerakoted in OD green
GGW brake Cerakoted in OD green
Timney trigger