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AI AW Clone build in .308 Win. Badger M2008, AICS chassis, Bartlein Barrel and Badger FTE brake Cerakoted in Armor Black

posted May 12, 2015, 11:47 AM by chou brothers   [ updated May 12, 2015, 12:52 PM ]
Accuracy International AW rifle clone build.

Raw components, Badger M2008 action, AICS Chassis, Bartlein .30cal 1-11 5R heavy Palma barrel, Badger FTE brake, Jewell bottom safety trigger.

Fully machined tenon, breech and chamber.

Action fitted and headspace set.

Muzzlebrake installed, metal work complete.

Stripped AICS chassis for Remington action. Requires modification to accept M2008 action.

Milling flats.

Milling dual recoil lugs.

Verifying required height for flawless mag-feeding.

Action screws boss milled.

Boss depth verified.

Perfect marriage of action to chassis.

Bolt handle recessed milled.

Clearance milled for trigger's assembly, ensures bind-free operation.

Chassis re-blacked.

Barreled action freshly cerakoted in Armor black.

Rifle complete.

Badger M2008 action Cerakoted in Armor Black
Modified AICS Chassis
Bartlein .30cal 1-11 twist 5R 28" finished Heavy Palma barrel Cerakoted in Armor Black
Badger FTE brake
Jewell trigger bottom safety