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6.5x55 Swedish Build. Trued Remington 700, Manners T3 stock, Benchmark Barrel, Cerakoted in Mil-spec OD green

posted Apr 5, 2015, 5:22 PM by chou brothers   [ updated Apr 5, 2015, 6:43 PM ]

Raw components, trued Remington 700 LA, Manners T3 stock, Benchmark barrel, EGW recoil lug (hidden from view), PTG stealth DBM, CG trigger and Badger FTE brake.

Action prior to truing.

Bolt prior to truing.

Action is aligned to true centerline axis, truing by single point machining.

Action receiver trued, beautiful surface finish.

Bolt fully cut true and square.

Barrel tenon/breech fully machined and chambered.

Brake diameter concentrically bored. Optimal for 6.5mm, maximizing brake efficiency.

Inletting for Anschutz rail install.

Anschutz rail cut and filed to stock profile. Off to Cerakoting in Milspec OD green.

Anschutz rail is glued and screwed.

Barreled action prepped, release agent applied, putty seals area of unwanted bedding.

Epoxy is applied.

Initial separation, off to the mill for cleanup.

Perfect Stress free bedding, all negative impressions removed, proper reliefs and clearance made.

DBM is installed and bedded to the stock. Full contact without compression, zero lateral movement, no slop or bind, perfectly level.

Nice contrasting colours between rail and stock.

Smooth-flowing perfect contour.

Rifle complete.

Trued Remington 700 LA receiver Cerakoted in Milspec OD Green, bolt in Armor Black
EGW recoil lug
Badger bolt knob and FTE brake
Manners T3 stock with Anschutz rail installed in MIlspec OD green
Benchmark 6.5mm 1-8 twist 5 groove 24" finished barrel Cerakoted in Milspec OD green
PTG stealth DBM
CG trigger