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1000 yard BR rifle build. BAT M action, Mcmillan Tooley MBR Stock, Bartlein Barrel in 300 Norma/300 WSM switch barrel/bolt.

posted Sep 3, 2015, 1:07 AM by chou brothers   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 10:18 AM ]
Custom rifle built for 1000 yard Benchrest competition. BAT Machine action and Bartlein barrels, simply the best!

Raw components, BAT M action with Magnum and Lapua boltface bolts, Mcmillan Tooley MBR stock (pre-inletted for BAT M), Bartlein barrels, Jewell trigger, Harrell's brake and tuner brake, Tubb 3-way adjustable butt (not pictured).

As this is a older BAT Machine model M, newer BAT M bolts requires timing/retrofitting to old receiver.  The bolt's cocking ramp must be timed to the receiver's cocking piece raceway to achieve full lug lockup, consistent ignition and uninterrupted full fire-control travel.

Edge finding receiver's bolt handle recess.

Original mated bolt, bolt properly timed. Full clearance of receivers cocking piece raceway against bolt's cocking ramp.

Newer BAT M bolt on old receiver, receiver's cocking piece raceway partially blocked by bolt's cocking ramp.

Receiver machined to retain existing bolt's timing and properly time/retrofit new bolt.

Beautiful surface finish.

New bolt before retrofit, not timed.

New bolt after retrofit and properly timed.

Old bolt timing maintained.

Breech/tenon fully machined, like fine jewellery.

Headspace verified.

Fully machined tenon and 11 degree accuracy crown, perfectly square/concentric to the bore. 
Profiled brake flush to match barrel contour, seamless transition.

Additional tuner brake mated to existing tenon.

Action's height established, stock roughed then degreased.

Putty and tape seals areas of unwanted bedding, release agent applied. Ready for bedding.

Epoxy is applied, marrige of barreled action to stock.

Initial separation, flawless perfect stress-free bedding. Off to the mill for relief cuts.

Hand-fitting recoil pad to Tubb 3-way adjustable butt system.

Custom machined 4" catamaran style tracking plate.

Rifle complete.

BAT M action with Magnum and Lapua boltface bolts
Mcmillan Tooley MBR stock
Bartlein 30cal. 5R 1-9.5 32" HV barrels
Jewell BR trigger
Harrell's brake and tuner brake
Tubb 3-way adjustable butt