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Will & Kevin Chou

Currently, we are unable to accept new projects at this time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your valued interest.

Aurora, Ontario


For wide in-stock selection of ammunition/reloading supplies and rifle accessories, please visit our good friend Rene at X-Reload.


Rene Deveault


For top quality stocks, bipods, front rest and accessories used by F-Class champions, please visit our good friends at Star Shooter Precision.

Star Shooter Precision

450-460-7868 (Mon-Fri 4-9pm EST)

For wide in-stock Lapua products, Nightforce/Sightron scope, Barnard/Borden Actions, Bartlein/Krieger barrels, and Mcmillan stocks, please visit our good friend Peter at Hirsch Precision.

Hirsch Precision

Peter Dobson