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We are proud to carry Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein manufactures their barrels by using state of the art computerized deep hole reamers, honers, and riflers. Utilizing single point cut rifling, it is free from stress, ensures the twist rate is uniform, and the bore dimensions are exact.  Twist rate uniformity is best in the industry and can be carried out to the 4th decimal point e.g.,  11.3642.

All Bartlein barrels are hand finished lapped at the factory to perfect nominal dimensions and a mirror finish. Please click here for a description of Bartlein's Barrel contours.
For more selection, please visit our good friend Peter at Hirsch Precision.

We currently have the following barrels in stock.

Please note all Bartlein barrels can be finished to shorter lengths.

.30 cal 12 32" finished Medium Palma 
.30 cal 12 32" finished Heavy Palma 
.30 cal 12 5R 32" finished Heavy Palma 
.30 cal 8.5-8.0 T Style 32" finished Heavy Palma 
.30 cal .299x.308 5R 32" finished Heavy Palma 
.30 cal .300x.3075 11 32" finished Heavy Varmint 
.30 cal .300x.3075 32" finished Heavy Varmint 
6.5mm 5R 28" finished Medium Palma 
6mm 5R 28" finished Medium Palma 
6mm 7.5 5R 28" finished Medium Palma 
7mm 8.5 32" finished HV but 1" at muzzle 
7mm 8.5 5R 32" finished HV but 1" at muzzle 
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